Date de lancement : 2011

Signification : Symbolise la période où la femme prend conscience et assume ce qu’elle est.

Singularité : Illustrations ludiques et rafraîchissantes.

Inspiration : Banksy, Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Toscani de Benetton, les comics US et ses racines africaines.

Launch year : 2011

Meaning : Symbolizes the period when women realize and accept what they are

Spirit of the brand in 3 words : Africa, Vintage, feminine.

Particularity : The renewal of vintage from the 60’s combined with African prints through a girly, colored and fashionable collection. A very jazzy and retro inspiration by the afro american lifestyle of women in the 60’s.

Inspiration : her mother and all the people she can meet on the street.