Date de lancement : 2013

Signification : Ubuntou, concept ethnique africain qui suppose que l’existence des individus réside dans celles des autres.

Son esprit en 3 mots : Mode, Afrique et Valeurs.

Singularité : Hoodies, tee-shirt oversized, baseball jersey… Ubuntou nous propose d’adopter un look tendance sporty et urbain, pimenté/coloré d’une afro touch tout en wax.

Inspiration : Concept Ubuntu.

Launch Year : 2013

Meaning : ‘Ubuntou’ is a traditional African concept which means ‘ the belief in an universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity’.

Spirit of the brand in 3 words : Africa, sport, value.

Particularity : Hoodies, oversized tee shirt, baseball jersey… Ubuntou suggests you to have a trendy, sporty and urban look colored and spiced by an afro touch.

Inspiration : Ubuntu concept.

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