The Afro Urban Creation Plateform

Art’Press Yourself is an association that aims at promotiong afro urban culture’s values and diversity through:

Event Planning around uniting themes and playful educational activities for a multicultural audience (adults/children)

Helping in the development of afro urban artists & organizations by using our connections : we help our artists to network with experts and professionals.

The training of young passionate people who integrate our team to try themselves at communication and event planning professions.


Afro urban culture allows each and everyone to shine whether it’s through their words, their actions or their lifestyle.

Art’Press Yourself (APY) want to awaken this joy that drives us to create things. As the name of the association indicates, its goal is to encourage one another to express, to not be afraid of our own originality and instead let ourselves grow in our own ways of living, doing and being.


The Art’Press Yourself festival – The international Afro Urban creation festival – happens each year in november since 2015. First in Paris (Pan Piper) then in the 1000 sm of exhibition space of the « Magasins Généraux » in Pantin.

The festival brings together an audience eager to share the new trends in afro urban creation, from the fashion field to visual arts, dance or music. During two days, enthusiasm is at its highest : shows, catwalks, documentaries, conferences, paintings, photographies, workshops, and of course our APY Exhibit/sale.

It is a great sharing moment between the afro urban trendsetters (the creators from France but also Europe, South Africa, USA) and the curious crowd of the area. Whether connoisseur or just feeling the atmosphere, everyone is welcomed at the Art’Press Yourself Festival.

In order to give each edition its own colour, a enlighting and uniting theme is selected every year : « Old School Vibes », « Johris » (an imaginary city at the crossroad of two afro urban creative towns, Paris and Johannesburg), the « Afro Futurism » current, or the latest, Fela Kuti’s inspiring journey.

The APY events

Each summer, along the banks of the Seine, the APY association takes over Paris’ East area to set up APY SUMMER, the meeting point for afro urban vibes lovers.
Welcomed by « La Javelle, Guinguette Effervescente », APY Summer offers outdoors original activities to help everyone re-discover afro culture : body painting, photo studio, dance classes, cornrow bar, ethnic buns…
And when night comes, at sunset, APY Summer leads the dance : with the lastest afrobeat sounds of our selection, after teaching you the moves, APY Summer invites you on the dancefloor !

Taking place until the end of 2018 at the Vilette Makerz, APY Creative Talks (ACT) allows emerging artists to meet famous professionals. The exchanges flourishing at each APY Creative Talk truely nourish everyone’s inspiration and regularly creates new collaborations.


We associate ourselves with famous structures (cultural spaces, local communities, colectivities) to invent and create events where the Art’Press Yourself’s spirit can radiate in a unique way.

For any information, proposal, feature or any other suggestion.

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